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Campaigns Comparison


Product Sponsor


80 Credits onwards

50 Credits Nett

Influencers / KOLs per campaign

By Headcounts.
e.g. You needed 5 talents for your campaign for 100 Credits each, your budget will be 500 Credits.

No additional cost.
e.g. You needed 5 talents for your product sponsor campaign, your budget will be 50 Credits nett.

Refundable Credits

✅ (if non talent was selected)

Application Closing Date

No Limitation

Posting publish for 14 days

Followers Requirement

Able to define minimum

Social Media Platform

No Limitation

Only 1 Option (Facebook or Instagram) 

Media Requirement

No Limitation

Only 1 Post, 1 Media (Photo or Video)

Request Event Attending

Posting Revision

No Limitation

Only ONE revision per post