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Unleashing the Power of Influence

Unleash your full potenal with GoFluence. With exciting new opportunities joining the platform every day, you can be sure that our platform can elevate your influence to new heights.

The Industry of Influence

Influencers have a dedicated following and credibility in specific niches like fashion, beauty, and travel. They’re known for their effective messaging.

KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)
KOLs are experts in fields like healthcare and technology. Their knowledge gives weight to their opinions and recommendations.

KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers)
KOCs may not be famous but influence their circles through positive brand experiences, boosting word-of-mouth marketing.

Content Creators
Content creators produce and share engaging digital content on platforms like social media and blogs. They create videos, articles, images, and more.

A Global OnLIVE (Online+LIVE) Learning Platform Reskills.

A Leading KOL Academy that builds aspiring content creators KOL Academy.

Event Talents
Models / Ambassadors
Usherettes / Promoters

GoFluence still has its roots as a modeling and talent agency. This is why you can always count on GoFluence to not just find anyone for exclusive events or promotional activities but trained professional staff that’s perfect for the job.

Event Talent
Event Talents are skilled professionals specializing in making events memorable. They range from hosts, speakers, to entertainers, contributing dynamic energy and engagement to any gathering.

are individuals with a strong presence in fashion, advertising, and photography. They collaborate with brands to showcase products and trends, bringing visual concepts to life through their appearance and style.

Promotional Model
Promotional Models engage audiences at marketing events, trade shows, and brand activations. They’re adept at introducing products, generating interest, and creating a positive brand experience.

Modeling in collaboration with Amber Chia Academy

Getting Started

Quick-start guide to maximize your GoFluence experience. Learn to connect, engage, and grow as an influencer.

Creating Profile

Create a powerful profile / compcard to attract brands and showcase your unique style and achievements.

Staying Organized

Manage your projects and documents efficiently in one place for easy access and better organization.

Streamlined Interface

Craft and track your campaigns, harnessing insights for growth and influence. A toolset tailored for your campaign management.

On-Time Payment

Handle your finances effortlessly. Secure, easy management of your earnings and transactions.

Become a GoFluencer Today!

Get Started

Use your social media channels to create product review content and grow your followers

Unlimited Jobs

Apply for any campaigns that you are interested in

Preferred Media

Select from a range of content such as photos, videos, stories, livestreaming, etc

Flexibile Contract

Accept campaigns based on your schedule

Work Smart

No negotiating needed! Just remember to read campaign details carefully!

Stay Organized

GoFluence helps you manage time, submit draft, submit insights on a scheduled timeline.

Getting Paid

Complete campaigns and receive your payment bi-monthly (14th & 28th)

Check-In & Review

Visit retail outlets and exhibitions to enjoy free perks and promotions!

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