User Manual updated 1st Jan 2022

Modello has been established since 2018 as a talent platform, with the rise of social media marketing; we emerge talent & influencer marketing  that enables brands to analyse, customise, manage, measure word-of-mouth marketing and connect with top influencers on Instagram.

Modello is a fully transparent platform that allowed Brand and Talents to hire and get hired, there’s no hidden charges. When you dedicate your time to join our community and participate with each campaign, you’ll be benefited directly from each particular brands.

Everyone can be a talent (& influencer). You can download our app in App Store or Play Store to create an account with us.

Verification and quality are the most important aspects of the service we provide to brand owners, as well as talent.

The one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your number via a telecom service provider. We try our level best to ensure that the code is delivered to you promptly. However, due to the following  reasons, you might experience a delay or non-delivery of the one-time password (OTP):

  • Incorrect Number: The mobile number provided by you may be incorrect. Please check the mobile number and request for a new OTP.
  • Connectivity Issues: Your telecom service provider may be facing connectivity issue at your location and this might cause delays or non-delivery.
  • Network Strength: Your location may have a poor network and this might cause delays or non-delivery.

If you did not receive the one-time password (OTP), you can tap the Resend Code option to receive a new one-time password (OTP).

Click Forgot password on the landing. Enter your mobile number / email address that you’ve register. You will then be asked to enter a one-time password (OTP). This will be delivered via SMS to the mobile number you provided to reset.

There is an individual referral code for every user; get rewarded by sharing it to your talented friends & family to get your complimentary credits!

Edit your authentic profile details & Upload a recent profile picture and past experience photo in order to boost your chance to get hired.
PS: Modello will conduct verification session (a blue tick) for talents/influencers.

Connect your Facebook / Instagram / Youtube account in your Profile with us.

We suggest influencer / KOL / content creator to be active on your social media. You create content & love to take photos/videos and share with your friends. Aside from doing what you love, you would have achieved a certain number of followers and gained significant levels of engagement for your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. As we match you with possible income & reward opportunities, you can decide if you are interested on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

Yes. (As Facebook is the parent company of Instagram)

No worries, your Facebook page can be dormant.
i.) A Facebook business page
ii.) An Instagram professional account attached to the facebook page (Step-by-step guide will be shown when you click the connect account button)

To connect your social media, go to menu -> my profile, scroll all the way to the bottom and click connect facebook/instagram account

Here’s a short tutorial video on how to  connect your social media account.

Yes. It will shows several Facebook pages / Instagram accounts in your profile; If it is all active, why not?

No. We believe that influencers should have the freedom to work with any agency that they wish to and have the full right to their own accounts. For influencers signed to an exclusive contract, we will work with their agency/manager.

Campaigns would usually consist of promoting the brands’ products or services based on the brand’s detailed specification. They could include any of the following exciting activities and opportunities:

  • New product launches: This could include behind-the-scenes event invitations, previews, product photos, user trials, etc.
  • Contests: This could include influencer contests and follower participation competitions, or use of hashtags.
  • Promotions: Special deals, sales or discounts, usually tagged to a unique hashtag or code.
  • Event coverage: Invitations to influencer or media events by the companies.
  • Brand fan growth: Influencers to “take over” the Instagram accounts for brands and to help to grow their fan base.

* Tips: Do check out this free tool “Hashtag Tracker” while promoting the products for your client. It really comes in handy to increase the exposure of your posts!

You can browse through the job wall (event job & online job) created by different brands on Modello. You may proceed to apply for campaigns that you are interested. 

You will have to wait for brand owner to be shortlisted. For Online Job, You DO NOT need to prepare the post until you are shortlisted.

All of your applied jobs is inside your Briefcase. You will receive a notification whether you are shortlisted by brand.

You are able to discard your application if you are unavailable. (Kindly notice that discarding a Confirmed job may affect your rating)

A 5-star rating will be given for both Brand & Talent after every job. (The reviews will be shown once both side completed theirs)

Responsiveness / Communications of individual
Responsiveness of individual will be monitor and review by our systems and brand & talent.

a. The responsive and attitude while communicating with brand owner. (pre-campaign)
b. The responsive and attitude while communicating with brand owner . (During campaign)

Professionalism of individual
Attitude such as punctuality, working attitude, and etc will be monitor and review by our systems and brand & talent.

a. Brand & talent attitudes will be review pre/post campaign

Accuracy of Individual
Accuracy of individuals profile will be monitor and review by our systems and brand & talent.

a. Authenticity of an individual profiles, important details needs to be legit.

Overall performance
General performance will be reviewed and calculated by our systems.

As a valued influencer, you will receive different forms of benefits from the brands that you work with. This could vary depending on the unique requirements of the campaign as well as the scope, scale and impact. They may include the following:

  • Complementary products or services
  • Monetary compensation (either based on the number of posts or engagement)
  • Commission based on referred sales or other KPIs (eg: customer or member acquisition)

Modello payment cycle is every 14th & 28th of every month.
You will receive all credit to your personal banking account. (Kindly ensure your bank details, incorrect account details will not be entertained)

If you have yet received your credits after timeline mention above, please send an email and we will be happy to help at

You need to complete your account informations with proof of identification. (NRIC / Passport is compulsory for verification purposes)