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We suggest influencer / KOL / content creator to be active on your social media. You create content & love to take photos/videos and share with your friends. Aside from doing what you love, you would have achieved a certain number of followers and gained significant levels of engagement for your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. As we match you with possible income & reward opportunities, you can decide if you are interested on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

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You can browse through the job wall (event job & online job) created by different brands on Modello. You may proceed to apply for campaigns that you are interested. 

Modello payment cycle is every 14th & 28th of every month.
You will receive all credit to your personal banking account. (Kindly ensure your bank details, incorrect account details will not be entertained)

If you have yet received your credits after timeline mention above, please send an email and we will be happy to help at

You need to complete your account informations with proof of identification. (NRIC / Passport is compulsory for verification purposes)

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