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Influence with
a Purpose

GoFluence has embarked on a journey to create a more significant social impact by partnering with non-profit organizations and NGOs. Through this initiative, we aim to leverage the power of influencers and our platform to promote important causes, empower communities, and drive positive change.


United Nation Sustainable Development Goals in Marketing

Spreading Good Vibes

GoFluence’s community-focused approach fuels meaningful collaborations between brands and influencers. Together, we work towards fostering a positive, responsible, and vibrant society. Join us in making a difference and amplifying the voices that matter.


We team up with influencers to reach out to everyone easily, focusing on helping different communities. Our influencers help spread the word, motivate people to act, and support ideas that can grow and really make a difference. This way, we create lasting good changes for people and society.


GoFluence cares about keeping our planet safe. We bring together brands and influencers who care about the environment to work on projects that help the Earth. By joining forces, we aim to make our world a cleaner, greener place for the future.


GoFluence is all about supporting fairness, welcoming everyone, and standing against racism. We lift up our team, partners, and influencers to make a positive difference. Together, we work on campaigns that push for equality, help communities, and aim for a better future for all.

Creating Positive Impact

GoFluence helps create campaigns that match our partners’ goals, focusing on making a real difference. We aim to teach, motivate, and get people involved, inspiring them to help out in their communities and make a positive impact.

Combining Influence & Advocacy

By working together, GoFluence connects great influencers with non-profits and NGOs tackling big challenges like social, environmental, and humanitarian issues. This partnership helps spread the word and motivates more people to take action, making a bigger difference.

Measuring Success & Accountability

GoFluence uses smart tools to check how well each campaign is doing. This way, everyone involved can see how effective their work is, make choices based on facts, and keep getting better at making a positive impact.

Building Long-Lasting Partnerships

GoFluence focuses on creating solid bonds between influencers, non-profits, and NGOs. By working together, we form a supportive community aimed at making a lasting difference and driving real social change.

Get Involved

If you’re an influencer, non-profit, or NGO interested in partnering with GoFluence for our “Influence with a Purpose” initiative, we invite you to join our community at and help create a lasting impact. Let’s work together to drive meaningful change and improve lives around the world.