Dear Influencer,

At GoFluence, we recognize the immense value of your influence. We’re excited to offer you a chance to maximize your earnings by simply completing your profile. This simple step unlocks a world of exciting opportunities and enhanced rewards.

Key Benefits:
πŸ’° Referral Rewards:
Earn 5 Points for every successful referral.
πŸ’° Unlimited Earnings:
The more referrals you make, the more you earn.

It’s Easy to Opt in!
Complete your profile in minutes. Upload & fill in your name and NRIC details, or add a photo. Check what’s missing by going to the top left corner of the app and selecting ‘Edit Profile.’

How It Works?

Build Your Profile

1. Complete Your Profile

Update your information to boost your profile and visibility.

Share Your Referral Code

2. Share Your Referral Code

Use the "Get Rewarded" tab to share your unique code with your network, inviting them to join GoFluence.

3. Earn 5 Points Per Referral

Gain 5 Points for each new, successful referral.

Why Refer More?

πŸ’° Increased Earnings:
More referrals mean higher potential earnings.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Network Expansion:
Grow your influence and connect with a wider audience.

🎁 Exclusive Opportunities:
Access special campaigns and collaborations.

Terms & Conditions:
β€’ Referral rewards are credited after the successful verification of referred users.
β€’ 1 point is equivalent to RM 1.
β€’ The referral program adheres to GoFluence’s terms and conditions.

Don’t miss this lucrative opportunity to boost your earnings. We thank you for being a vital member of our influencer community. For assistance, contact us via WhatsApp here.