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Influencer Marketing Self-Serve Platform.

The best self-serve influencer marketing platform in South East Asia for both influencers & brands, monitoring performance, creating conversion & generating smarter partnerships.

Work with the Best Influential Talents

GoFluence is the talent platform that lets you identify real influencers and utilize them in their audience. Collect and analyze their social data, and shortlist them to your affiliate campaigns.

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Uncover the value of Insights

Get a clear view of how influencers are performing with a detailed analysis of their audience, the types of content they’re best at, and their engagement rates. Get recommendations for the right influencers to partner with and how much to pay them for a successful campaign.

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Share your product instead of paying with money. This way, you not only spread the word about your product but also receive valuable feedback and can reuse the content created by users.

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Monitor Campaign Performance effectively

Streamline your campaigns and stay up-to-date on all your collaborations with the performance dashboard. 

Find all the essential tools for managing your campaigns in one spot: modify briefs, approve content drafts, and process payments.

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Make smarter investments & maximize ROI

Measure your campaign’s success with advanced analytics dashboards. Calculate your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, and reach and view a summary of all media engagements.

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Your Business

Our latest innovation is designed to make managing influencer campaigns even more convenient and efficient. With this mobile application, you can access all the features of our dashboard from the palm of your hand.

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Why Us?

In GoFluence, we strive to extract the best out of everyone; Nobody who is genuinely working hard will be neglected;
as well as every single penny brand’s spending will be on its best ROI.

Zero-Hassle Access

You can easily access all applicants in the shortest time possible. GoFluence holds the largest talent database in Malaysia that almost covers all business interests. 

Quick &

Go From Zero to A Well Built KOL Marketing Campaign In Just 5 Easy Steps. You set your own price based on your budget, no back-and-forth bargaining. 

Promising Performance

You will be assisted by GoFluence Human-Intelligence Ranking System to pick the most suitable KOL for your campaign.


GoFluence acts as a third-party escrow to secure our brands’ & talents’ interest.




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